Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Robert tries to kill Sophie

It was noon of a cold, crisp sunny winter day and Sophie and her best friend Caroline were quickly walking in the nice shopping area of the nearby suburb of Kifissia. They were both casually and elegantly dressed, both wearing distinct jeans and nice, warm sweaters.  They were in a narrow street going to their favorite French cookware shop and there were no other people on the street. 
All of a sudden, Sophie felt a striking jerk—like an electric jolt - Robert and another man grabbed both her arms very tightly, and then both pushed her forcefully and violently to the pavement. Robert gagged her mouth tightly with an elastic band-aid and held a razor-sharp knife tightly against her throat. She couldn’t move an inch as the two powerful men had totally overwhelmed her and were both on their knees holding her tightly against the ground. 
“I told you Sophie, God ordered me to stop this marriage and I warned you repeatedly. Now that you ignored God’s wishes and married Paul, God spoke to me again and ordered me to kill you. You have sinned in your life and now you have to pay and die,” 
Jeff, Sophie’s bodyguard on duty that day sprang to the scene like a gazelle. He first forcefully hit Robert’s head with the back of his handgun and knocked him completely unconscious, having him roll on his back and dropping his knife. Jeff then ordered Robert’s friend to lie facedown on the ground. He was therefore able to pin them both down on the sidewalk at gunpoint. He then used a special spray on their eyes and rendered them both completely useless. He freed poor Sophie from her gag, helped her stand to her feet and tried to comfort and console both Sophie and Caroline from what they had just gone through. Jeff was an ex Navy—SEAL service member, specially trained in martial arts and knew his job very well. In three minutes, the police were at the scene, handcuffed the two men and led them away. 
Jeff rushed Sophie back to her home and Paul was holding her hand trying to comfort her as she was now in a state of nervous breakdown. Her beautiful light pink cashmere sweater was completely torn, there were scratches and scars all over her beautiful face and she was crying incessantly and trembling from fear. Paul was trying to calm her down explaining that Robert would be thrown to jail where he belonged, but Sophie was not answering him at all. She was just crying and constantly saying she wanted to die, with her trembling hands holding Paul’s hand iron tight. The psychiatrist and family physician, Sheila soon arrived and the physician took care of her minor wounds and then gave a sedative injection to Sophie; it took about ten minutes for the injection to work